Awesome Gender Reveal with Surprise Twin Announcement…

There are few moments in life more precious than those shared with loved ones. Gender Revealing for Twins is a great way to have some fun and generate some excitement as your new family members arrive! Double sex – double pleasure! Gender reveal ideas for twins are very exciting and lots of fun.

Many gender reveal ideas for twins are variants of gender reveal ideas for single kids, but some take gender reveal to a whole new level! So if you’re planning a gender reveal party and there are twins on the menu, read on! The gender of the twins is revealed using boxes of balloons.

This dual gender reveal idea is discreet, economical, but doesn’t compromise on excitement. You can either buy special boxes, have fun decorating two yourself, or maybe invite guests to a party! The idea is to have two boxes decorated with flowers for both genders (obviously the color doesn’t have to be gender specific, but we just use colors that spark ideas in people, pink and blue screaming babies so they are great colors to use, but use the one you prefer).

The boxes should be filled with colored balloons representing the gender of each child. When it’s time to just open the boxes, the helium balloons will pop up and give away the game!