Teenager breaks world record for quickest ever ‘limbo-skate’!!!

The lowest limit of skating over 25m is 6.69 inches (17cm), achieved by Shristi Sharma (India) in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India on October 7, 2015. The assassination attempt took place at Center Point School, Vardhaman Nagar Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, and was organized by Lokmat Media Pvt Ltd to save the girl.

A teenager from western India has broken the world record for fastest ice skating in limbo. The impressive activity includes doing splits while rollerblading under the bars just inches from the ground. Shristi Dharmendra Sharma, 17, slid below 10 bars in just 1.69 seconds, setting a new Guinness World Record.

The teenager, who competes in national roller hockey and short track speed skating competitions, holds an incredible four more world records. Sharma has previously explained that her biggest challenge, but also her biggest success, has been clearing the 10m on the ice with the lowest skate.