Twins Meet their Little Brother for the first time…

A lot of habits, views on life, a sense of oneself and a look at others are formed in childhood. What was absorbed as a reality in the parental family from a very early age is subsequently reproduced in adult life – according to the knurled.

Thus, relationships with brothers and sisters in the family affect the life of an adult and can be projected onto his relationship with others. Let us take as an average model for analysis a family in which there is a father, mother and two children. Older children can enjoy the sole presence in the family for some time, but sooner or later they are overthrown from the pedestal of exclusivity.

As soon as they have a brother or sister, the attention of parents naturally switches to the younger one. Although in most cases the older child is not sent to an orphanage and is not exiled to his grandmother, he remains a thorn in his heart for life.

He may perceive what happened as a betrayal of his mother. Her milk now belongs only to the youngest. “Oh, woe to me, woe, I will never return what was lost!” Younger children, on the one hand, from birth fall under the “yoke” of the older ones. And the elders have their own right.