The Gymnast Takes 1st Place With Incredible Gym Wheel Exercise!!!

Gymnasts have a graceful way of moving that makes us inflexible people feel ashamed. That is why the whole world loves to watch their exciting performances at the Olympic Games. But did you know that there is a lesser known offshoot of this popular sport involving the giant wheel? In 1925, German railroad worker Otto Faik invented a giant wheel consisting of two round rods, six spokes, and hand and foot rails attached to the inside. The wheel, called “Rhönrad”, was mainly used in circus performances, but wheel riding quickly became a competitive sport.

This is how the “gymnastic wheel” appeared. It’s called wheel gymnastics and it’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch. These contraptions may look like giant hamster wheels to humans, but it takes a lot of flexibility and core strength to operate one. Combine the wheel with gymnastic acrobatics and you have a truly unbeatable performance. Sanna Boer loves wheeled gymnastics, besides she has a natural talent for it. She was introduced to the sport by a friend and after three weeks she was completely hooked. Sannu was asked to join the national team and her career took off quickly. Thanks to this video, it’s easy to see why.