Probably the best rendition of this song… UNCHAINED MELODY – The Righteous Brothers

From the moment Caretta joined Io Canto, her fate was sealed. In the first 2 seasons, the girl was a debutante, but starting from 3, she acquired the status of a permanent participant. In season 2, Caretta won a brilliant victory, in the future, luck remained on her side. After “Io Canto” Benedetta Caretta got access to the big stage. The road to joint performances with Elisa, Ron, Fausto Leali, Raffaella Carra, Alessandra Amoroso and others was opened for the performer. This was part of the competition. In 2011, the artist became the main participant in the national tour “Io canto la Festa”.

Then Benedetta took part in television programs, thanks to which even more listeners learned about her, she visited the channels “Mediaset”, “RAI”. In 2014, the vocalist was chosen to participate in the live broadcast of the TV show “Voice of Italy”, which was conducted by the RAI television and radio company. Caretta soon established herself as a composer and songwriter, and not just as a performer. She took part in Luigi d’Alessio’s “Gigi D’Alessio & Friends” concert, which took place in Naples.