10 Years Old Drummer Johanne Astrid is Winner Of Denmark’s Got Talent 2017!!!

10-year-old drummer prodigy Johanna Astrid Poulsen won the 2017 Denmark Got Talent competition. She went from audition to final tour performing classic tracks such as Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” and Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. Johanna’s audition took the form of a medley where she infuriated the judges after launching “Killing in the Name”. The strength and accuracy of the young girl was definitely impressive, but it was her performance of “Whole Lotta Love” that proved that she was a serious force behind this set.

The young drummer playing the parts of John Bonham really demonstrates the depth of her skill. Her cymbal and tom playing is superb beyond her years, which no doubt elicits obscene envy from drummers twice or three times her age. Johanna’s last song for Dan’s Got Talent was “Bad Craziness” by the Danish rock band D-A-D. She didn’t expect to win, according to TV2, but she did, taking home 250,000 Danish kroner (roughly $35,700). “I hope I can play many more places or get into a real band. I didn’t really think about it, but I just know that when I grow up, I will have to play drums,” says Johanna Astrid.