5-year-old figure skater wows the audience with Merry Christmas performance!!!

There are many kids who seem to be born to be the center of attention, be it music, dance or acting. Just by watching them, you can tell that they have a future of glory. When you see five-year-old Katarina DelCamp skating on the ice, that might be exactly what you’re thinking. The video below was filmed at the Houston Galleria Christmas show. It wasn’t long before Katharina’s eyes lit up in amazement at her talent. If you think ice skating is magical, just wait until you see it combined with Christmas elements.

When Katarina enters the skating rink, she is dressed in a fun interpretation of the Santa costume, complete with a hat and “boots”. She starts her number in a pose and waits for the song to start. The moment the shimmering sounds fill the room, it becomes clear what tune will accompany her performance. It was Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, another reason the crowd was in awe! Despite her youth, everyone quickly realized that Katarina is an incredible skater. In the video, the audience applauds as she spins around on the ice several times before sliding and balancing on one foot. Her program then evolves into a mixture of dance and speed skating techniques that blend together beautifully.