The judges say to 68-year-old Matt Dodd: “We don’t hear voices like yours anymore”…?VIDEO

The judges say to the elder: “We don’t hear voices like yours anymore”. The judges were not mistaken – he is incredibly good. Matt Dodd, a 68-year-old grandfather from Dublin, has been singing since the age of ten. The bus driver could shout notes like no one else, but most of his singing was heard by older passengers on his route. “I sang for them on the bus; I sang for them in the center.”

“There’s Mass every week, and I’ll sing at it and all that stuff.” As a singer, Sr. has always been a fan of television talent shows. In fact, he even made it to the third round of X-Factor Ireland. But while auditioning for The Voice of Ireland, he “didn’t even walk in the door”. One night while watching Ireland’s Got Talent, Matt’s grandchildren asked him to audition. He explained: “It all started back in November. All the grandchildren had half a day, and one of them said to me: “Grandpa, could you go in there?”