So precious moment. Little baby says ”I love you! ”

The child begins to talk after he heard his parents talking to him. It may seem simple, but there is science behind it. Few milestones make such a big difference in how parents treat their children when they talk. When a child begins to speak, this is an important moment of development and emotional contact. Therefore, it is natural for parents to expect the first words with anxiety and ask themselves: when do children begin to speak? At what age can a child’s first words be expected?

And is there anything parents can do to encourage the child to speak earlier? Although all babies are different, most babies speak their first words in their first year of life. But children can begin to communicate (if not talk) long before then, gathering vast amounts of information through play, observation, and interaction with their parents. This information eventually becomes the basis of their baby talk. So while parents don’t have to teach their child to speak, they can help their child’s language development by talking to them.