Very emotional and beautiful performance!!!

“Hallelujah” is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, first released on his seventh studio album, Various Positions. Before writing the final version of “Hallelujah” Cohen created about eighty versions of the text. Some of them the musician wrote during his stay at the Royalton Hotel in New York, sitting on the floor in his underwear and hitting his head on the floor.

The finished “Hallelujah” contained several biblical references, in particular to the story of Samson and his betrayal by Delilah from the Book of Judges of Israel (“… she cut your hair”, English … she cut your hair), as well as to the king’s love David, who flared up to Bathsheba, the wife of his commander Uriah (“You saw her bathing from the roof, her beauty and moonlight plunged you”, English. You her bathing on the roof, Her beauty saw in the moonlight overthrew you).