Life with quintuplets… Amazing day with kids!!!

Skylar Scott is the father of seven children. He has two teenage boys and five preschoolers. Five preschoolers are quintuplets, and they are certainly full of energy. Today, Skylar takes her kids to the local trampoline park. Jumping around for a few hours is a great way to help his preschoolers get rid of the wiggling.

Skylar explains that when he takes his children to where they can go, he likes it when they are dressed the same. It is easier for him to distinguish them from the crowd and collect them if necessary. Skylar also brought his sister, Aunt Stacey, and his cousin, Whitney, as support today. With five 3 year olds it is very important to have all the help possible. Children love to jump on trampolines, climb slopes and slide down. One of the boys had trouble getting up, so Skylar helped him get to the top so he could enjoy the ride down.