Toddler can’t stop smiling when he tenderly holds his new baby brother for the first time…?VIDEO

Toddler can’t stop smiling as he gently hugs his new brother for the first time. When he strokes his hair so gently, I pass out, it’s so cute. Bringing new life into the world is a special kind of miracle, and while it can be incredibly stressful (and even scary at times!), the reward of a baby at the end is well worth it.

After nine months of waiting, the big day finally arrives and it’s the most exciting time of your life. But besides mom and dad, there are others who are affected by the arrival of a new child in the house … brothers and sisters. For a person, the special relationship between brothers and sisters is a unique phenomenon.

With siblings, they either get along and have fun together, or at each other’s throats! However, there is one moment when they will be at peace. This is the moment when an older sibling meets their younger sibling for the first time. Then they look at the newborn with a sense of surprise, but after only a few years they begin to fight and argue.