They are the pinnacle of what dancers should aspire to be. They are the coolest dancers!!!

Nellie and Dietmar Ehrentraut are more than just boogie woogie and Lindy Hoppers. At the majestic ages of 64 and 70, they are the pinnacle of what dancers should strive for. The boogie-woogie dancers have been performing together for over 40 years and have competed in some of the most famous dance competitions in the world. As they matured, their determination to dance only seemed to give them more courage. They are still doing their favorite dance, demonstrating really intricate and energetic numbers. Check out their boogie-woogie rockabilly jive in the video below. Who are Nelly and Dietmar Ehrentraut?

Ehrentraut’s passion for rockabilly or boogie-woogie dancing famously began in 1989 when they began dancing a niche version of the more common 1930s and 1940s dance; Lindy Hop. The Ehrentrauts have been passionate dancers for over 40 years, regularly participating in dance shows throughout Europe. Over the years, the Austrian couple have achieved wonders in the dance world, including winning first place in the dance championships in their native Austria and second place in the German championships for their amazing dedication and style while performing energetic and acrobatic stunts.