Super adorable moment. Big Brother meets newborn baby sister…?VIDEO

The adorable clip, which has nearly 20.5 million views, shows footage from Atwell’s hospital bed with the words: “Meeting my sister for the first time. So beautiful,” printed on the screen. A cute little boy appears with his father from behind a purple curtain. “Hi, Mom!” the boy chirps excitedly as he walks over to the bed. The words “Promoted to Big Brother!” printed on his shirt, telling everyone the good news.

“Where is she?” the baby asks, wide-eyed, looking around for his little brother. “She’s here,” Atwell replies off-camera as her son jumps onto the edge of the bed and lets out a giant “Awwwwww!” The little boy struggles to contain his excitement and awe as he gives the stuffed octopus he was carrying around to his new sister.

“Oh, I love her,” he says, gesturing with his small hands. Then he turns to his mother and asks a typical toddler question, a typical toddler question: “Did they cut your stomach? Why would they do that? Were you afraid?