?VIDEO. Triplet Baby Race for milk… They were determined to reach the bottles as quickly as they could.

Every parent knows that getting kids to eat healthy food is not an easy task. This is true no matter how old the child is, from a toddler to a teenager. This parent knew how difficult it was to put food in her children’s bellies, so she decided to take a different approach. You’ll never guess how this mom had fun while eating. Vanessa X is the proud mother of adorable triplets. These three boys were still in the early stages of their education when Vanessa decided to buy herself some snack time. She did what you need to see to believe. After Vanessa prepared a bottle for each of her young sons, she tried to figure out how to get them interested in food. Anyone who has had a child of their own knows that it can be difficult to get him to eat, and Vanessa had it three times as hard! She needed to come up with a plan, so she tested her creativity.

Vanessa lined up three baby bottles in a row at one end of the hall. Then, with her triplets facing her, she started the race! “Who needs ba-basses?!” mother encouraged her children in a cheerful, high voice. At first, the triplets were confused, but quickly figured it out. One began to crawl towards his mother, then the other, until all three were on their way to the finish line. “Come on!” Vanessa called her boys as they approached her. “Who’s hungry?” she asked, telling them what prize they were fighting for. The triplets were determined to get to the bottles as quickly as possible. Brandon reached the bottles first and held out his right hand triumphantly. When the child finally reached the end of the race, he touched the neck of his bottle.