Military Brother makes a great Surprise for his sister!!!

When Chelsea Rainery arrived at the gymnastics competition, she had no idea that she was in for a surprise of a lifetime. Not to mention, this will be an event she will never forget! The teenager got the impression that she just came to do gymnastics. She must be very good too. Chelsea in the video plays a grown-up and proudly stands with her team on the floor. These are 17 girls ready to have some fun. But George has a problem… Talisman refuses to leave the site. Maybe the talisman is mesmerized by all the beautiful ladies in front of him. “George. George. We’re trying to set up a gymnastics meeting here.

Well, George makes a gesture to the announcer, and the voice from the loudspeakers takes pity on the talisman. “Ladies and gentlemen, George is having a very rough week because earlier this week was Valentine’s Day and he never found a mate.” He asks the crowd if they will let George choose a date among the gymnasts. The crowd cheers in approval. And all the boys in the gym were suddenly jealous.