Very funny competition of little babies… They are so cute!!!

The Diaper Derby is a fun activity for crawling babies up to 16 months old.
Registration: Entry just before the competition. There may be several races depending on the number of participants. The crawlers participating in the diaper derby will crawl from one jubilant wagon to the next. Each crawler must be accompanied by two adults on stage. One will remain behind the start line, and the other behind the finish line. Toddlers are lined up at the starting line and, on signal, may be encouraged to crawl to the finish line. Toys, bottles, pacifiers, etc. can be used to encourage your baby to crawl. Seniors MUST stay behind the lines and are not allowed to be in the middle of the crawl area until the race is over. If a competitor stands up and walks at any point during the race, he or she will be disqualified.