2 months old Sati is the first time in the pool!!!

How soon can I start swimming with my new baby? It is best to wait up to six weeks after the baby is born before going to the pool. If you go early, there is a chance that you might get an infection. If you’ve had a caesarean section or a perineal tear, your health visitor or general practitioner may recommend that you wait more than six weeks, usually before your postpartum checkup. Even if you had a simple birth, you will have some bleeding as your body sheds the lining of your womb (womb) after birth. This type of bleeding is called lochia and can last up to six weeks after birth.

However, your baby can swim anytime from birth, although most baby swimming classes start around six weeks of age. There is no need to wait for your child to be vaccinated. If you want your baby to learn to swim before he is six weeks old, your partner or someone else can take him to the warm paddling pool. Some private baby swimming lessons start as early as four weeks. Swimming classes for toddlers typically use small pools heated to around 32 degrees Celsius which are ideal for toddlers. If you plan to use a large public pool, you may want to purchase a children’s wetsuit to help keep your child warm. Try to pick a quiet time for your visit so that your child is not put off by all the noise and activity.

Most babies under six months old can actually swim, with your help, of course! If you start early, you can take advantage of your child’s natural ability to make basic movements. Also, your baby’s built-in gag reflex is usually strongest before six months of age. This means that he can hold his breath underwater without even thinking about it. Reduce your swimming time first, no more than 10 minutes, and gradually increase it. Stay at home for more than 30 minutes and remove the baby if he starts shaking or looks like he’s had enough. Skip swimming if your child is unwell or tired.