Couple make a great Surprise for Parents With Grandchild After 50 Days In NICU…?VIDEO

The couple left their parents screaming with joy after bringing home their premature baby, who had spent 50 days in the intensive care unit, and left him on the doorstep to capture their reaction. Ines and Sandro Lavalier’s son, Gianni, was born six weeks premature and therefore had trouble breathing and swallowing. So for his grandparents – Sandro’s parents Renato and Bernardina and Ines’ parents Gianni and Marianna – it was an anxious anticipation of when they could bring home their new grandson.

During his 50 days in the ICU, Gianni also had bouts of bradycardia – periods when he stopped breathing or his heart rate dropped – and doctors told the family that he needed a week without bouts of bradycardia before he could go home. Ines told Gianni many times that he would fight until three, then four and five days without bradycardia, but then they would have an attack and they would have to start the clock again. Gianni was born on June 1, 2018 and finally released from the ICU on July 21, 2018 – just 50 days old – and since they stopped reporting his spells to his grandparents, the couple decided to surprise them and their respective homes in Toronto, Ontario , Canada.