15 months old baby laughing at dog playing with a balloon!!!

Dogs can be a grown man’s best friend, but many dogs love young children. Parents are usually reluctant to let their dogs play with their children, as they are afraid that the dog might somehow hurt the child or infect them with something. But dogs are so cute and full of wonder, just like kids love to explore the world, dogs love to learn more about tiny versions of their owners. Our story is about a Siberian Husky who is in love with a small child and he just can’t wait to play with him. When the child approaches him, the dog immediately goes into play mode!

But the husky always remembers that this is a child and you need to be very careful with him! This child is only seven months old, but he has already found a friend for his whole life. The kid feels attraction to the furry creature. They are so good during the game, which is immediately clear – this is the perfect pair! Terrific dog reaction to play with a small child.
The dog was lying on the carpet, minding his own business, when he saw that the baby wanted to play. The child reached out and put his hands on the husky’s head, and they both agreed to each other that it was time to play! The dog reached out, giving the little boy a chance to hug him. Once the child had both arms wrapped around the puppy, the real fun began. Clever dog rolled over, putting a child on himself.