Identical twin girls engage in deep conversation… They melted million hearts!!!

The twin girls melted hearts with a “deep” conversation. It is often said that there is nothing cuter than a giggling child. You can move up a level down the cuteness scale when you have two newborns that giggle together. Well, this video breaks the scales when two identical newborn twins have a full conversation. Two for the price of one and your heart will melt into a sticky mass of smiling pleasure. The babies check each other out as if they were looking into a mirror and continue the symposium that seems to have started in the womb. What are they talking about and do these two have the same brain and looks?

What is the secret relationship between the twins? Identical twins have many things in common, such as hair color, eye color, height and weight, and facial features. According to the University of Texas Twins Project, the only sure way to tell if twins are identical is to do a DNA test. But 95% of the timeā€¦ “If distant relatives, new friends, and teachers can’t tell you apart, then you’re probably identical twins!”