These cute video of english mastiff dogs and babies proves that dogs are man’s best friends. They are so adorable!!!

Among all the relationships that human life involves, interspecies relationships often develop, especially with dogs (Julius et al., 2013). Dogs can cooperate in various scenarios, as they can guide blind people, herd sheep, rescue people, work in animal therapy, etc. (Serpell, 2017). and beyond all operational interactions, most handlers and dogs bond with each other (we use the term handler as a synonym for guardian, someone who cares for the dog). What do people look for in an affectionate relationship with dogs? Are people looking for a new experience of caring for someone who depends on them for basic needs?

For emotional support in difficult times? For a long-term and consistent relationship, strong connection, mutually pleasant contact? In other words, are people looking for a child, a best friend, or both? And how does it work from the point of view of the dog? The Bowlby theory (Bowlby, 1969), dedicated to the attachment of a child to a guardian, is used to explain the attachment of a dog to a caregiver. However, we argue that this approach should be integrated with the theory of human friendship attachment and intraspecific attachment to the dog. Therefore, it is important to reconsider the approach to the attachment of a dog to a mentor.