Karolina Protsenko with Dang Matt Smith… They are amazing!!!

Karolina Protsenko with Dang Matt Smith – Violin and Piano Cover. Matthew Michael Thomas Smith, better known online as Dang Matt Smith, DangMattSmith or Dangmattsmith, is an American YouTuber based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Smith was born in Oxnard, California to Thomas Jefferson Smith Sr. and Cheryl (née Taylor) Smith. He started out making videos for vlogs that didn’t get a lot of views, but when he started making videos for Omegle, his YouTube account got a lot bigger. He stopped posting original content on Vine in November 2015 and by then had amassed around 60,000 subscribers.

He has also made several videos on TikTok, some of which actually appear in his videos. For example, if you laugh, you lose part 2 (THE HARDEST edition of TikTok). He is also very supportive of other YouTubers and often collaborates with some of them. He later started making reaction videos on his channel and those videos became what his channel was based on. Now he has shifted his channel’s focus to parodies. In January 2021, Smith returned to his reaction videos at the request of fans and decided to mix reaction and skits. As of April 2021, Smith stopped posting parodies to his DangMattSmith channel. In January 2022, Smith returned to uploading daily to his YouTube channel. He mixed parodies, random content, and some of his fan-favorite series from his channel on a daily basis.