This 10-year-old from Toronto stunned judges on America’s Got Talent!!!

From the moment she opened her mouth to sing “Shallow” on “America’s Got Talent”, judges and audiences have gone crazy over 10-year-old Toronto resident Roberta Battaglia. Impressed with a colossal voice that seems much more mature and accomplished for her age, AGT’s first year star judge Sofia Vergara was moved enough to hit the Golden Buzzer, a device on the show that automatically guarantees goodbye to the final where the prize is. in the amount of 1 million US dollars awaits the winner of this variety talent competition. More importantly, the Golden Buzzer can only be used once by each of the four judges during the show’s season.

“Yes – Sofia Vergara gave me her Golden Buzzer!” Battaglia laughed enthusiastically over the phone during an interview on Thursday. “I still can’t believe it. Ever since Battaglia’s 8.7 million U.S. viewers on NBC’s America’s Got Talent on Tuesday night Tuesday night (it was shown on CityTV here at home), her phone has been torn between well-wishers and requests about the interview. “I even had a few bullies and teachers,” says Battaglia, referring to the moment on the show where she mentioned that she was bullied at school. Those days of bullying are probably over, as this appears to be the start of a potential Cinderella story for Battaglia, who previously appeared on Breakfast Television and spoke at Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity conference a year ago.