Keith Urban & 11 year old Lauren Spencer had a live concert in front of 20,000+ people!!!

Music is such a beautiful thing that we can experience in many different ways. Going to concerts is one of those ways and it’s always a great atmosphere because you’re there purely for the music. In this video, we see an 11 year old girl taking over the stage at a Keith Urban concert and you can’t help but be amazed. Who is this 11-year-old girl and how did something so magnificent come about? The young girl we see in this video is called Lauren Spencer-Smith, she just loves to sing and she does it just amazing. This video is set at the Canadian country music festival Sunfest. Lauren got this great opportunity to get on stage with Keith Urban thanks to a competition he ran at this music festival. Keith Urban states that although the other girl had already won the contest, he loved both her and Lauren Spencer-Smith, so he made an exception by letting them both come on stage and perform.

He also reports how “She has a wonderful voice, and she’s only eleven.” Then Lauren Spencer-Smith starts singing “Make You Feel My Love” and the magic begins. When Lauren starts to sing, you can hear how good she is. Keith Urban and Lauren Spencer-Smith chose the Adele and Bob Dylan version and she sounds exactly like Adele and it’s so hard to believe she’s only eleven years old.