This incredibly cute boy arrived to his audition on his horse!!!

He may be young, but he already masters country style. Although there is a lot of music in the world, some songs are a little more iconic than others. Whether it’s a song that freezes in our thoughts, takes us back to a particular moment in our lives, or makes us sing along, they’re all melodies that help us define our lives. If you’ve ever been to a bar before closing time and someone turned on Sweet Caroline, you know exactly what we’re talking about. As it turns out, a recent audition on The Voice Kids UK fit that category perfectly. And it was performed by a charming little boy named Shani-Lee. Although he is only seven years old, Shane-Lee definitely has his own style and is as polished as any adult performer.

As he explains in his backstory, Shaney-Lee lives on a farm with lots of animals. Thus, he considers himself something of a country boy. It was for these reasons that he chose to perform “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver. When he takes the stage, the crowd can hardly believe what they see. However, since it’s “The Voice”, it’s a blind audition and the judges can’t see what’s going on. After a moment, he begins to sing and the crowd applauds.