Funny Baby Playing With Water. So cute!!!

“Classes and games with water do not aim to raise the future Einstein. But it is in these games that the child is realized”, As has been said more than once, early development is, first of all, the creation of favorable conditions for the development of the potential of the baby. Water, as a special natural, plastic, flexible and safe material, has enormous potential for the development of a child, and playing with water can undoubtedly become such a condition. Children get great pleasure from playing with water. In the water, they love to splash, fill and empty vessels, float on water and drown various objects in it. Water games not only captivate kids, but also provide an opportunity to get to know the surrounding world of inanimate nature better: to study the properties of such a universal material as water yourself. Every child enjoys playing with water.

Water attracts like a magnet! Playing with water is an effective way of self-therapy. Water is able to “ground” negative energy. It has psychotherapeutic properties, promotes relaxation, relaxation. On the other hand, it can not only interest, but also entertain the child, raise the emotional mood. All this creates a fertile ground for the development of the emotional sphere of babies. Any independent games of children with water, even such simple manipulations as pouring, pouring, filling containers with water, have a psychoprophylactic value. For a baby who is still poorly fluent in speech, a container of water becomes a kind of theater of one actor, the scene of his inner self. All games with water in one way or another contribute to the development of tactile-kinesthetic sensitivity, fine motor skills of the hands, and coordination of movements in the eye-hand system.