Soldiers Homecoming Surprise for Their Kids!!!

Children love their dads very much, because they are always kind, play, fool around, buy gifts, do not scold, like a mother. Therefore, children especially miss their dads when they are not around for a long time. How do fathers miss being away from their babies? Hard to imagine. But sometimes such separation does not depend on anyone, it is simply a necessity that cannot be avoided. So, the heroes of our video collection, military fathers, were forced to part with their families because of the service. And finally, the very moment has come when dads can again hug their smallest and already adult children.

A friendly, emotionally stable father is the key to a normal father-daughter relationship in the future. This has a positive effect on the physical and intellectual development of daughters, their ability to defend their point of view, to look more positively at the world and their role in it. The way of life of such children (and in the future – girls, women) is more correct. They go in for sports, take care of their appearance, visit museums and exhibitions, love to travel and treat themselves and others adequately.