Amazing one year old child plays a piano concert!!!

Amazing one year old child plays a piano concert. She’s a natural born performer! Lise Linde Kronenberg plays a piano concert on her first birthday.┬áThe piano is a magical instrument that allows you to relax and calm down, whether you are listening to music or playing yourself. Learning to play the piano contains many benefits for adults and children, including influencing brain development, stress management, movement coordination, etc. When children are taught to play the piano at an early age, they develop various skills, and piano lessons give them many behavioral and health benefits that will stay with them in the future.

One of the benefits of piano lessons for young children is the development of the brain and mental health. When children start playing the piano, different parts of their brains are stimulated. The piano requires them to coordinate the movements of various parts of the body in order to perform one task correctly. It forces them to read notes and move their fingers across the keyboard at the same time. All pieces and tones are played differently, so learning the piano will make their mind sharper. They have to play different pieces of music with different hands, and the brain is forced to give separate commands to each hand.