Baby and Puppy meet for the first time!!!

Who doesn’t love puppies and who doesn’t love babies? Babies of any kind are indeed a sweet sight and hard to resist. What about the combination of puppies and babies? This is probably one of the most touching things you can see! Puppies, like human babies, are small, sweet and so vulnerable, curious about everything that happens around them, and so tender. When puppies are introduced to human babies, a strong friendship is most likely formed. In the next video, the cute baby meets the family’s new puppy for the first time. The puppy looks like a golden retriever, very sweet and patient with a child. Toddlers are trying to explore each other, while they have no idea what they are looking at and what they should be doing.

The puppy looks quite submissive, and the human baby cannot contain his excitement. The baby first squeezes the puppy’s face in her hands, trying to get closer to the animal and show him that they can be friends. The puppy responds positively to this initiative and continues to lick the child’s face. The child then removes the pacifier, but tries not to give in to the dog’s attempts to lick it or take it from his hands. Then they both look around, trying to figure out what’s going on, how they should react, and what’s going to happen next.

The kid tries to pet the puppy all the time, although her movements will most likely scare the animal, and the puppy patiently allows her to do this until the kid snatches the dog from her coat and looks like he is pulling him. Obviously, the child just wanted to play and had no idea that the puppy was not very happy with this fur-pulling, but the puppy decided to leave for a while so that the child would understand that he had done something wrong.