Funny Baby Reaction to Duckling in the Pool!!!

All kids love water! All without exception! Don’t even argue… Of course, the cases are different. There are parents who do not like public bathing places and instill this idea in their children from childhood. There are diseases that prevent you from enjoying swimming or even just being in the water. There are some fears, accidentally acquired in infancy … Probably, there are other obstacles to enjoyment. But if they are somehow removed, then the bare fact remains – ALL CHILDREN LOVE WATER.

This is how I reasoned when I first got the idea to celebrate the birthday of a child in a water park. It was a very bold and unexpected idea. A thought that I was even afraid to express out loud at first, because “there are parents who don’t like public places for swimming,” and I didn’t know the parents of my son’s kindergarten friends at all. And what they like or dislike did not know either. But the child was looking forward to this birthday. Waiting like never before! Waiting for something special! I was waiting for congratulations in the garden, gifts, postcards, and of course a festive trip somewhere with friends. It was probably the first birthday in his life that he was looking forward to. And I decided to go for broke!