Amazing 7-Year-Old girl Guitarist Konstantina Andritsou. She is unbelievable!!!

What did you do when you were seven? Lying in a field and looking up at the clouds during baseball practice? Collect stones? Well, this incredible girl, Konstantin Andritsova, played the guitar, and not only four-chord tunes. In this video, she effortlessly plays a full-size guitar better than most adults. And we’re not talking about some cutesy little solo gig. Here it is entirely dedicated to Eric Clapton. Speaking to a small and informal audience, she takes the stage and bows. You can tell she’s shy and maybe even a little nervous, but she smiles at the family members in the audience.

Her instructor comes to help her tune in, bringing her a guitar while she makes herself comfortable in her chair. She smiles at the audience, looking impatient. Behind all this talent is still a beautiful little girl! Once she starts playing, the magic happens. She strums as she plucks the strings to Capricho Árabe, an original song by 20th-century Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega. Despite the fact that the song was originally Spanish, the performance of this young girl has a distinct Greek style. But perhaps there was a slight twist in the song that could have been orchestrated by her teacher since they live in Greece.