Giant Dog Is Obsessed With His Tiny Human Sister. That dog is a jewel…

The dog is able to become a devoted friend to a child, an excellent walking companion, as well as a reliable protector and play partner. There are many breeds that are great with children. We will figure out which dog is better to take into the house so that she not only becomes a full-fledged member of the family, but also makes friends with children. Before you get a pet, talk with your child about what duties he will now have to perform: walk the pet daily, take care of the cleanliness of his paws and coat, pay attention to his upbringing and training. It is important not to forget about regular veterinary examinations. Find out in advance about the features of the breed that you plan to purchase. Naturally, this is true in the case when the child is already more than 5-7 years old. At an earlier age, the baby will not yet be able to fully take care of the animal. Therefore, it should be understood that all care automatically falls on the shoulders of the parents. Important points when choosing a dog.

The preferred age of a child for the appearance of a pet is 7 years.
The weight of the dog must not exceed the weight of the school child. A small animal the child will be able to walk independently.
It is worth giving preference to puppies with a stable psyche, stable and good-natured character. The best option is companion dogs.
Among purebred dogs, there are pets that combine not only intelligence and kindness, but also excellent social qualities. They will be a good option for a family with children.