4 month old baby tries to sing to Karen Carpenter song… That was an absolutely beautiful and precious moment .

One such heartbreaking moment came when a woman began singing Carpenters’ song to her four-month-old baby. The response, which was caught on video, is too sweet for words, so the footage has gone viral. There is nothing more incredible than listening to a live performance, especially if the person has the voice of an angel. In the video below, a tiny baby named Adler sits in a car seat on the kitchen table. When his mom’s friend Annie sang a beautiful rendition of “I Need to Be in Love,” it’s no wonder he was captivated. Luckily, a man named John (who was also in the room) decided to take out his camera and press record. Let’s just say everyone is really happy that he did it. Tiny Adler has a smile that can brighten up a stormy day.

There’s something about a child’s joyful smile that can turn even the toughest guy into a soft-bodied one. Get ready to have your heartstrings touched as Adler listens to the 1976 song happy. He seems to be fascinated by Annie and her voice as she sings over the piano. “The hardest thing I’ve ever done is to keep believing that in this crazy world there is someone for me…” Little Adler enjoys the performance so much that he seems to be trying to sing along! He moves his mouth and makes soft noises as he looks at the woman’s face. Just watching his reaction, it’s almost impossible not to say “awww”. He’s such a great kid, but seeing his light reaction is like icing on the cake.