Twin babies talk and hold hands for the first time… Such a precious moment.

These identical twin girls have just made a remarkable discovery: they can talk – and hold each other’s tiny hands! Such a precious moment. Lying on pillows for much needed time on their stomachs, the girls talk to each other in their own language – and by language we mean a series of grunts, gurgles and other strange baby sounds – looking at each other like images in a mirror. It’s all pretty nice, but that’s not the best part. No, the best part comes after a few seconds when they start holding hands. At that moment, your heart will explode.

These are not the only twins who have completely melted our hearts over the past year with their adorableness. Let’s not forget those newborn twins who were born holding hands, or 11-month-old sisters who couldn’t help but move to the sound of their dad’s guitar.