Baby girl has emotional reaction to daddy’s singing… Your heart will simply melt when you see what happens. Such a precious moment!

This is one of those touching videos that can melt even the coldest heart! This father sings “You’re so beautiful” to his little daughter and gets a wonderful reaction when she smiles and laughs throughout the performance. “You Are So Beautiful” is a song written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fischer that has been used in many romantic settings and some of the cutest videos like the one above. However, this is not the first video of a father singing to his child that has taken social media by storm.

In 2019, a musician named Ben Moseley posted a video on his social media that went viral, showing Moseley playing his guitar and singing Tom Petty’s “All Right For Now” while his tiny baby girl lies on his guitar. This stunning rendition of the song really brings out Moseley’s raucous, southern tone, harmonizing perfectly with every subtle note. The lyrics of the song are really suitable for the occasion when he lulls his baby. The video is a truly intimate piece, showcasing Moseley’s love for his family and how music intertwines with his family life. Also, I dare no one find this video amazing.