A babbling conversation with dad… So adorable!!!

A happily babbling baby is truly one of the cutest things on this planet. Check out this extremely viral video of a child having a full “conversation” with his father, except there are no words on his part. The kid mumbles something incoherent, and dad responds by saying something like: “That’s exactly what I was thinking!” or “That’s right, don’t bring it, that’s what I’m saying!” The tiny child even punctuates the show by pointing at the TV and gesturing like a tiny passionate adult. God, this is too sweet and pure for this world.

Children’s speech causes not only emotion, but often fears of parents. Let’s figure out when it’s really worth sounding the alarm, and in which cases speaking your own language is one of the stages of development. If, after 3 years, a child confuses sounds by ear, rearranges sounds and syllables in speech or skips them, then one can suspect that he has an underdevelopment of phonemic hearing. The child hears, but distorted. The speech of the baby with such a speech therapy conclusion will be slurred. When replacing sounds, the child uses similar ones. Instead of soft, he pronounces hard (bear – mouse), instead of voiced – deaf (barrel – kidney). When skipping or rearranging vowels and consonants, as well as whole syllables, non-existent words are obtained (slippers – patochki, plate – retalka).