Dog Helps Baby To Walk For The First time. There’s nothing cuter than these two, absolutely adorable.

A mother can do a lot to help her child prepare for the first steps. You need to understand that the preparatory processes go on in it for many months – on their own. This is the development of visual-motor coordination, tone and balance, the interaction of the hemispheres – by the way, the most important thing here is the process of crawling. Gradually, the child learns to feel the size of his body, studies its mobility. Until all these processes mature, it is too early to go. The child needs to move a lot. Do gymnastics with your baby, go swimming, surround him with attractive stimuli that make him move. Playpens, walkers, long walks in a stroller while awake, and other ways to restrain your baby and ensure safety all reduce your anxiety, but hinder your child’s development.

Give your child a chance to show what they can do. In order not to delay the first steps, do not take the child in your arms when you want to move him from place to place. On the contrary, encourage him to try to get around on his own instead of always relying on you. Consider the characteristics of the child. It happens that quite well physically developed babies do not show enough interest in walking. Of course, temperament is important: calm children are in no hurry to take their first steps, unlike their more active peers, as well as large kids in comparison with short and slender peers.