The little bear got stuck on the road and could not catch up with his mother, but he met a policeman who saved his life.

A police officer from New Hampshire saw an incredible sight. He stopped whenever the animals crossed the road and was very attentive, as pets are often run over, but he had never seen bears in the middle of the road before.

This scene was very unexpected and, looking more closely, he noticed that one baby did not keep up with the family.

All the cubs ran fast, but this cub could not take even quick steps in any way. And then the mother bear had to make a choice. She abandoned one cub to save four.

The fate of the wounded bear cub would have been sad if it were not for the noble police officer, who immediately realized that the baby needed to be taken away and helped. Very soon, rescuers from the Society for the Protection of Wildlife arrived.

They found the entire bear family and with great difficulty took another sick cub from the bear.

The policeman said that the treatment of the cubs is progressing rapidly and when they are fully recovered, they will be returned to their natural habitat, as the whereabouts of their mother is already known

We are very glad that humanity is becoming very conscious in relation to our four-legged friends, because even 100 years ago, cruelty to animals did not surprise anyone.