By chance, this puppy has a loving owner, and the officer has a loyal friend

This tiny puppy was unlucky with the owners. After birth, as soon as he opened his eyes and got a little stronger, they decided to get rid of him. No, they weren’t violent people, they took him to a shelter, but apparently they just didn’t know how to do it right.

The baby was left near the gates of the institution, without even calling and informing the employees that they had an addition. This case occurred in Texas, just during the abnormal cold and frost. And now imagine a tiny and defenseless puppy on the street – the heart is squeezed…

But the good fortune sent the baby salvation.

It was that evening that police officer Marcus Montgomery had a call in the shelter area and found the poor guy. The man took the puppy in his arms and immediately broke into a smile, and the shelter workers, who at that time already knew about the find, immediately realized that these comrades would not part.

In the warm arms of Marcus, the baby curled up into a ball and fell asleep. And the officer himself said that the pit bull would definitely go home with him.

By the way, Marcus already has an adult pit bull Vader, whom he took from the same shelter, now he has a new pet, whom the officer named Kylo.

What good ones!