Father Holds His Baby For The First Time… VERY EMOTIONAL.

The American journal Medical Daily published the results of a study by Professor Allan Schore from the University of California. According to this study, a brain scan of a three-year-old child can determine how his parents treat him. If a baby is loved, hugged and kissed, more neural connections are formed in his brain, there are fewer “empty spaces” (not occupied by neurons), and the brain itself is physically larger.

Another study by Dr. Kathryn S. Light (Kathleen C. Light at the University of Northern California), found a link between the number of hugs a person received as a child and whether they, as an adult, release the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for how we feel love and affection. If we simplify a huge publication full of medical terminology, then a very simple discovery remains in the sediment: if a child is not hugged enough, he grows into an adult who does not know how to love and feel affection.