Dog sings Whitney Houston. It’s incredible!!!

Do you think only humans have an ear for music? If you are really convinced of this, then you should take a look at this dog. The judges of the Belgian talent show are harsh critics. You really have to give your 100 percent to earn their approval, and it’s not an easy job. However, recently the judges were stunned by the performance of…a dog! Imagine their surprise when the man who came to the show said that he would not show his talents. Instead, he brought his singing dog!

Lady Xena swung at one of Whitney Houston’s most famous songs, ‘I Will Always Love You’, which played in the background during her performance. At the end of the song, the dog howled the highest note and was immediately rewarded with applause from the audience. Of course, the judges were shocked, and the dog became a kind of celebrity in the country (as you might have guessed, now it is already famous all over the world. By the way, the owners of the dog discovered the talent of their pet absolutely by accident. One day, they just took Lady Xena with them to a cafe where that song was playing. And the Lady suddenly began to sing. It must have looked very strange, don’t you think?