These boys are awesome. One of the best battles!!!

In hip-hop, house, break and other “street” dances, a dance battle is a battle between participants to determine the strongest of them. Dance battle competitions, like any other competitions, have their own rules: everyone dances in turn for a certain time – from 30 seconds or more, it depends on the battle format. Also, in addition to the dance itself, some irony over the opponent, “mocking” him, is allowed. There are two main rules in battles: firstly, in no case should you touch each other, and secondly, you should not break the order, that is, when one dances, the other must stand.

Battles are always accompanied by a DJ who plays in real time for the participants. Battles are both single and team. In single battles, the participant relies on himself, only on his technique and his stock of movements. He can improvise, or dance already some ready-made dance sequences. Meanwhile, in team battles, all members of the team itself must know a sufficient number of movements and common chords to be able to dance it synchronously, because synchronous choreography in team performances at dance battle competitions is valued much more, higher and more expensive. For example, in Tectonics team battles, not so much style plays an important role, but synchronicity and creativity.