Nothing is precious and beautiful than kid’s smile and laugh. Funniest Moments of Baby And Daddy.

All parents are looking forward to when the baby learns to sit and crawl, when he takes the first step, when his first tooth erupts. But, probably, the most anticipated event is the first words of the child. At what age do children start talking? What needs to be done so that the baby quickly replenishes vocabulary and more accurately expresses his thoughts? We will answer these and other relevant questions about language development at an early age.

First of all, it is important for parents to understand that the child does not owe anything to anyone. It develops in accordance with its internal rhythm, which can be very different from the average norms. It happens that in a baby who uttered his first words very early, the expansion of vocabulary subsequently slows down greatly. And vice versa, a silent man, who looked like a black sheep against the background of his peers, can suddenly overtake them all. Assessing the progress of the child, we recommend that you do not take the stories of friends to heart: many mothers and fathers greatly exaggerate the success of their child. It is better to focus on the following key points of speech development (not forgetting that the schedule of each baby is individual).