3 years old world’s youngest DJ gets Golden Buzzer!!! He is absolutely amazing.

Winning a national-level talent competition is not easy; to do this, being a three-year-old child, at first glance, is simply impossible. Young Arch Jr DJ was able to prove otherwise – and prove himself to be a very, very talented DJ, despite his young age and the general difficulty of the task. Young Orathilwe Khlongwan’s performance at the ‘South Africa’s Got Talent’ competition was a real sensation for several reasons. In the first place, Hlongwan has indeed shown extraordinary talent in his chosen field; secondly – and this in many respects turned out to be a decisive factor – he did it, being only 3 years old. In the fight for the title of the most outstanding talent in South Africa, Oratilve beat out a number of performers who are seriously older than him – but, as it turned out, not in talent.

Young talents at competitions of this kind are not uncommon; so, many remember the 9-year-old ‘Tiny Tina’ (Tiny Tina) from ‘Young Talent Time’ 1976 or 9-year-old Drummer Jagger (Jagger the Drummer) from ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. However, even these young talents were 3 times older than Hlongvan; to compare it with the bulk of the contestants is completely pointless. Ortilve made a splash; now many predict him a great future, compared with Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) and called ‘the best thing since banana puree’.