The two-year-old drummer surprised all the members of the jury.

No one is surprised when a 2-year-old child can knock. But Hugo Molina does it with rhythm. As the youngest member of Spain’s Got Talent, the kid showed off his incredible drumming skills. Too small to walk to the drum kit by yourself. The presenter even asked the audience not to cheer or clap him so that he would not be scared. Honestly, it’s amazing that he didn’t look at the sea of ​​faces and run backstage! Of course he’s amazing

But is there really talent there or is it just child’s play? His dad sits him down, Hugo has drumsticks in his hands, but it’s not clear that he knows what to do with them. It turned out that this little drummer is more than just a pretty face! He is a real musician. The background music starts and dad just says, “How do we play drums, Hugo?” Then he starts the SemanaSanta, the traditional Easter parade. The judges were delighted with the talent, but he was just warming up.

He then proceeded to add a wood block to the punch for good measure. He even looked into the eyes of the audience throughout the performance. I don’t think he understood what was going on. The applause he had missed earlier couldn’t be contained when he finished and he received a standing ovation, his parents were in tears. And Hugo was also happy to talk to the judges after his performance – and he’s pretty chatty for a 2 year old. By that time, it was not surprising that Hugo moved on to the next round of competition.