Setting Butterflies Free: Little Girls Delight in the Pure Joy. Watch the Adorable Video Here.

In this heartwarming footage captured at Convent of the Sacred Heart, the esteemed oldest independent all-girls school in New York City, we are introduced to a pre-kindergarten class that embarked on a remarkable journey of nurturing and discovery.

The young girls took on the responsibility of caring for delicate caterpillars, witnessing the captivating process of their transformation into vibrant butterflies. With a sense of awe and wonder, the students released these newly-hatched butterflies into the school’s garden, immersing themselves in the sheer beauty and magic of nature’s incredible metamorphosis.

Moved by the genuine innocence and joy depicted in the video, commenters couldn’t help but express their delight. “One of the happiest things I have ever watched,” exclaimed one commenter, while another remarked, “This is truly one of the purest moments I have ever come across on the Internet.”