Double Trouble: Hilarious Test Reveals Toddler and Dog Confusion with Identical Twins. VIDEO

Identical twins Sammie Nowakowski and Stephanie Buckman decided to test whether their toddlers and dogs could distinguish between them. The adorable experiment took place as they spent most of their days together, working as aesthetic physician assistants at a med spa and residing on the same streets in Florida.

In a heartwarming viral video shared on their TikTok channel, @thetoxtwins, Nowakowski and Buckman sat on the ground wearing matching black outfits, arms open wide. Initially, Buckman’s son Noah ran to her, but once the twins switched places, he became visibly perplexed, unsure of whom to choose. On the other hand, Nowakowski’s daughter, Maddie, and Buckman’s dog easily recognized their respective mothers, even after the switch.

The video gained over 40k views, with commenters expressing their delight at the test. Users like @tristarmy observed the subtle differences between the twins, such as their eyes and smiles, while @crews283 declared it the cutest thing ever. Meanwhile, @cwbysfn91 noted Noah’s confusion, commenting on the twins’ TikTok post. Besides their striking resemblance, the twins shared an intertwined life—working together, living near each other, finding love on the same day, and raising their families side by side.

The Buckmans and Nowakowskis are not only identical in appearance but also in their life choices. Both families are preparing to move into their new homes next to each other, where their husbands, who are best friends and former roommates, eagerly await. Jonathan Buckman expressed his excitement, highlighting the joy of raising their families in such close proximity, while Jake Nowakowski emphasized the convenience and happiness of living beside their best friends. Looking ahead, the twins envision growing their families further and hope to experience the joy of having babies at the same time once again.


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