A pregnant woman with a concerning condition gives birth to a “angry” baby. The reason is interesting

Hollie Walls had two children when she remarried. So she and her husband were eager to add another member to their family and hoped to have a baby. They both knew it would take a lot of time and effort because doctors told them Hollie’s chances of conceiving naturally were slim. But then something extraordinary happened. Hollie was pregnant despite having undergone two surgeries to remove a massive mass from her uterus. When the pregnancy test revealed two lines, she was certain she had done something incorrectly or that the test was faulty.

“I didn’t even want to tell my husband at first because I was afraid it would be another disappointment, and we’d had far too many of those,” Hollie explained to Love What Matters. Hollie, on the other hand, was pregnant, and her pregnancy was perfect. All of her ultrasounds revealed that her baby was developing normally and that she had nothing to be concerned about. She went to her final OB appointment at 41 weeks pregnant to schedule an induction because her baby wasn’t going to come out on her own. Hollie noticed their face changed after the OB performed a quick ultrasound.

Her mother instinct warned her that something was wrong, despite everyone’s assurances that everything would be fine. She was rushed to the hospital after being diagnosed with Oligohydramnios, a condition characterized by a lack of amniotic fluid. Doctors performed a battery of tests and an ultrasound, which revealed that amniotic fluid levels were low but that some fluid pockets had been discovered. It was a Friday, and Hollie was to be inducted the following Monday. However, Hollie noticed the baby wasn’t moving as much as usual on Sunday morning and had a feeling something wasn’t right. “I still don’t understand it.

I attributed it to my mother’s intuition. I just knew I needed to get to the hospital right away. I called my doula, and she said she’d be there in an hour. “I wanted to be excited to meet my baby, but I was so nervous,” Hollie explained. When the baby arrived at the hospital, doctors noticed his heart rate was dropping and then increasing, necessitating an emergency c-section. “I had people frantically trying to get an IV line in me, others trying to get me in a position to get her heart rate to stabilize, and someone else bringing me paperwork to sign,” Hollie recalls.

After doctors told her that those heart rates could cause the baby to be born brain dead, this terrified mother-to-be feared for her baby’s life and prayed for her to be delivered healthy. Fortunately, everything worked out in the end, and baby Winter Josephine was born moments later. This adorable baby was completely healthy. The baby’s “angry” expression, on the other hand, drew everyone’s attention. “Once we got out of recovery and back to our hospital room, I just held Winter in front of me and stared at her. “I couldn’t help but laugh because she looked so angry, as perfect as she was,” Hollie said.

Hollie joked that her daughter’s grumpy expression was her daughter’s way of saying, “Why did you get me out of there, I was great in my mommy’s tummy?” Winter Josephine had her first photoshoot, and the results are stunning. A photographer who captured them would also photograph angel babies in hospitals. He told Hollie how many of those babies died as a result of oligohydramnios, and it made her realize how fortunate she was that her baby survived.

We’re sorry Hollie had to go through such a traumatic event, but we’re glad everything worked out in the end. Winter Josephine, on the other hand, is one of the cutest and bravest babies, and her “angry” expression only adds to her cuteness, don’t you think?