Watch how this Little kids react in the funniest ways to fish in the aquarium

Children have an uncanny ability to make us laugh and act silly. Their reactions are sometimes unbelievable, and the children in this compilation become quite emotional. It makes us all grateful for adorable and amusing kid video clips.

In one video, a baby boy stands in front of a glass with a small fish swimming by. For a split second, the boy is silent, then he bursts into tears and lets out a cry louder than a trumpet! As his mother comforts him, he looks back in fear.

In another shocking scene, a shark swims by in a green tank while two children watch. “Woah!” exclaims the toddler, and the younger child looks directly at the camera, scrunches his nose, and cries.

A young girl then approaches the tank and smiles as she points to it. Then a stingray appears on the glass, and the mother declares, “It’s going to get you.” The girl steps back slowly, shakes her head, and dashes to her mother. Stingray, not today!

When a dolphin swims by in another video, two girls stand in front of a dolphin tank. The older girl waves, but the younger girl turns to face the dolphin, stumbling backward and flailing her arms.

In front of a large shark tank, two boys run in circles. After seeing the huge shark directly in front of him, the younger one runs into the tank and falls to the floor. Following that, a child leans against the pool’s ledge, and a dolphin leaps up with its mouth open to greet him. Fearful, the child flees and yells.

Another clip shows a scuba diver in the tank, and a kid turns around and runs away as soon as he sees him. These hilarious kid clips are a fantastic compilation of fantastic kids’ reactions to these aquatic sensations.